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15 Most Beautiful Men of All Times
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15 Most Beautiful Men of All Times

Most wanted men of various decades are gathered here.

Of course, beauty is a relative thing. Something that makes one person amazed might not seem that wonderful to others. But the history of humanity knows many examples of beautiful people becoming etalons for the absolute majority of contemporaries. This is a great reason to remind you about extremely handsome men, who earned the rank of the most attractive men of their time with their charismas and charm. In this top 15 ranking, you can find the most beautiful men of our times.

Mel Gibson

The official status of a sex-symbol was given to Mel Gibson in 1985 when he was claimed as a top-1 man of handsome ranking of People magazine. Blue-eyed Australian beauty was only 20, but they had already filmed him in a dozen of good blockbusters. As a result, the fame of a brutal handsome man was earned by Mel Gibson forever.

Marlon Brando

Marlon Brando was one of the brightest heroes of his time. A legendary actor of the XX century was bound to become the object of women’s worships: he had an undisputed external beauty combined with a limitless charm and a strong character. Both girls and boys were mad about him, and he gave them his attention generously, spreading rumors about his bisexuality. His worrying private life resulted in 11 children! Beckham or Pitt have never even dreamed about that!

Cary Grant

The main gentleman of Hollywood, Cary Grant was an embodied manhood, elegance, charisma and sexual attraction on the screen. He created the image of a playboy in pictures of 30s long before the word itself could become used. No wonder that it was Grant who became the prototype of a legendary special agent James Bond.

Robert Redford

Before Brad Pitt appeared on the Hollywood horizon, the place of the sexiest man belonged to Robert Redford. In the 70s and 80s the actor felt the glory and enjoyed massive worships of girl-fans who followed his steps. After the release of a picture called “Indecent Proposal” in the 90s, millions of women just got mad and the actor received immense numbers of exactly those “proposals” from rich ladies. Fervent ladies threatened to destroy the actor’s career in case of refusal. Well, the playboy’s life is not easy!

Paul Newman

The owner of fatal blue eyes Paul Newman had always been unbelievably photogenic. Since the very beginning of his public career, he had everything to become a superstar and to get to the “top” ratings: beauty, men’s charm, talent, kindness (the actor was a famous philanthrope). Millions of women were ready to fall to his feet, but he was a faithful husband to his only wife Joanne Woodward.

Alain Delon

No comments here: the name of this French actor itself became a synonym of a men’s beauty. Women awed after mentioning him. Even his film partners (who were the top world beauties) couldn't resist his magnetic charm: Claudia Cardinale, Romy Schneider, Ornella Muti, Monica Bellucci and many others. A dramatic love story between Alain Delon and Romy Schneider became fateful for the actress, if not to say more: Schneider was unable to recover from that suffering till the end of her life.

Timothy Dalton

Timothy Dalton entered the number of most sexy men in the 80s, after the “Jane Eyre” series was released on BBC, where this English handsome man played the leading role. Later he became James Bond (number four), and even more women hearts were captured. Vanessa Redgrave couldn’t resist his charm: she and Dalton had a serious relationship that lasted for 10 years.

Richard Gere

After the famous “Pretty Woman” was released, Richard Gere regularly headed lists of the sexiest men. And during that period, the actor was married to a supermodel Cindy Crawford This couple was officially recognized by Hollywood as the most beautiful couple of the 90s.  

George Clooney

Clooney never comes out of fashion, just like the Chanel suite. Decades change each other, and Clooney still stays in the sexuality rankings, equal to young beauties. It seems that time does not have power upon this man: years pass and his charm only grows. There were many intrigues and stories in his life, but only Amal Alamuddin made him stop.

Brad Pitt

A caring father and a head of family. Now they speak about Pitt phrases like that. But in the past, the actor was known to be the main conqueror of ladies’ hearts. The status of a Hollywood sex-symbol found Pitt in 1995: he was on top of his beauty and enjoyed the love of viewers. Before Angelina Jolie, many women were his partners: Juliette Lewis, Gwyneth Paltrow, and his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston.

Jude Law

When being a child, Jude Law was not loved by his classmates because of his pretty face: he even had to change school. Years later, he became the most wanted man of the planet and a British Alain Delon.

Ryan Gosling

The title has come to Gosling recently. He is not the canonic handsomeness, he is not brutal, but this blonde with ironic eyes is exactly who most of girls want to see as their lover, according to the result of quizzes. Gosling conquered women not with his reputation of Don Juan and not with steel muscles but with a sense of humor, special energy and the image of a dream-man created in the “The Notebook”.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio was known as a beauty since being a young boy. At first, his pretty face even prevented him from getting serious dramatic roles, but things changed with the release of the gigantic and epochal “Titanic”. DiCaprio became the most recognized person on the planet.

Johnny Depp

The most famous film pirate, Johnny Depp, could play lover heroes during the whole life because of his exclusive appearance. But Depp preferred eccentric image bot on the screen and in real life. Still, this does not prevent women from dreamful breathing while looking at his photos.

Robert Pattison  

Robert Pattison melted women’s hearts in the tested way: he played a lead role in a vampire fantasy love story. This is how a lanky British with a bag of matted hair became not only the man beloved by every woman but the new etalon of men’s beauty. 

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