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Happy new year, everyone! With 2016 starting, it only made sense to compile Dylan’s works for last year in a special post. Keep in mind the following are only the works we learnt about, and who knows if this year we’ll discover other projects from 2015 that did not enjoy the best advertising? Even that being so, we hope you enjoy the effort.

Starting 2015, Dylan was one of the faces of KMS California‘s The Moment Before campaign, comprised of an advert video, a behind-the-scenes video and several photographs by Sven Jacobsen, used during the year to promote the brand’s hair products.

In January, the much expected first issue of Deux Hommes magazine got published, and with it Marcus Cooper‘s Amour Platonique. Shot in black and white, and styled in Au Courant Paris, Dylan appears next to Ragnhild Jevne.

In April, i-D Magazine published a list of the Ones to Watch on their website, featuring their favourite fresh faces from different trades. Together with Adrian Meško‘s pictures, quick interviews with the selected characters were also published. Unfortunately, no dialogue with Dylan was published, but congratulations are still in order!

As the biggest work of the year, Dylan appeared in Visual Tales magazine one more time, this time covering one of their #14 issue, Galactic Stars Book 2. The beauty of perfection…

…and that’s not all! He also got a 26-page editorial in VT, aptly called The Great Beauty and shot by Jennifer Livingston. Raw and ambiguous, it is truly a work of art.

The last news we had from Dylan this year came in the form of Buffalo Zine‘s editorial, photographed by Adrián González-Cohen and dramatically dressed in the wardrobe of the National Theatre. As a bonus, the González-Cohen and Uzquiza duo also shared a little funny thing about working in this shoot.

All images can be found in our Gallery and all videos in our Video Vault.

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