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Two years ago, I created a Tumblr blog about a model. Two years later, we’re here. Happy second anniversary to Dylan Fosket Source, and may it continue to grow and give moments of joy to myself and to everyone who visits the website and the blog. A big thank you to everyone for your support.

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Dylan Fosket Source would like to wish all its visitors happy holidays and a prosper beginning to 2016. Boas festas!


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I hereby declare the new Video Vault open! Sporting brighter colours, the new version of the Vault offers an extended menu which can be toggled on and off to show you only what you want to see, when you want to see it. Information about each video is also available.

Similarly, the Fanlisting also has a new look, the main difference being the way navigation is made, through the top links.

I had a great time designing and coding these sections and I hope you love them as much as I do!

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Lately, a lot of things around the website have been updated and while there is more yet to come, a proper post was in order.

Starting with the Gallery, all information concerning albums and individual images was revised and rewritten, as to create a crediting standard. A full batch of images was also added, of course.

In the Dylan section, the Career and Clipping pages were updated, and a Linkage page was created in order to facilitate access to external links.

There is also a new Portuguese translation.

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The third version of the Video Vault is now online.

Navigation is now easier thanks to a panel of categories. As always, click on a category to open it and click again to close it. You can have as many open categories as you want. There is also a visitor counter and a video counter so you can tell if any new videos have been added since your last visit. New additions are announced via Twitter.

Although the Vault is not coded for mobile, it is fairly friendly on phones and tablets, due to its responsive width and centered content. Tap a category name to access the videos and tap a video to open it.

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The Video Vault has been updated with new colours. Like before, videos are divided into categories which can be toggled on and off. The novelty is in the topbar navigation with quick links to return to the main website and to reach the contact form in case there is the need to report a broken video or suggest one to be added, as I reckon most videos will not display Dylan’s name in their tags for searching purposes.

Also, as I have been updating my entire fanlisting collective, the Fanlisting and respective codes have been revamped.

There will be surprises this Friday!

new-video-vault new-fanlisting

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Before I had a website, I had a blog and it required a name. Taking the fansite formulae, I chose Dylan Daily. It sounded fun and at the same time reflected the nature of the blog itself, with a single upload being made each day.

Considering the turn the blog took, with it becoming a website and with both website and blog becoming two somewhat separate entities, I felt the need of coming up with a new name.

Thus, I present you Dylan Fosket Source, a much more fitting title. There is no need to update your links, although I’d like to ask our affiliates that use alt text to edit it.

Happy Valentine’s!



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The video collective is now online. Choose a category and click on a preview to open a video. Several categories can be open at the same time.



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We are celebrating one year online. Not as a full website with its own domain, no. It’s been one year since I have opened this blog on Tumblr, not knowing where it would take me… and now we’re here.

It’s been a most enjoyable ride with good feedback and a sense of a job well done. Whatever I’m maintaining, blog or website, I do hope I have helped promoting Dylan’s work this past year.

Let another year come!

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… or should I say re-opening? Pretty much a year after opening a small blog on Tumblr, and after securing the domain last September, that I am opening dylanfosket.org as a full website.

This move only seemed logical after purchasing the domain and upon the recent controversies around Tumblr/Yahoo. Now, I admit I was somewhat reluctant to go from small Tumblr-powered blog to gigantic WordPress and Coppermine website, especially concerning the heavily visual thing that is a model’s portfolio – we could agree WordPress has a more textual purpose.

What you see is partly the continuation of the blog, but an extension of it as well. Two parts of the same website, each with its own way of working: here you will find more text, as well as a gallery and updates released as often as possible; but here you can access a more interactive portfolio, with fun edits posted on a daily basis.

I will do my best to update the gallery during this week as well as in the next couple ones. All updates will be made known through posts.

Do bookmark the main website, follow our blog, request affiliation and get in touch.