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Last Friday, All Day Every Day published an interview with David Uzquiza and Adrian Gonzalez-Cohen, founders of Buffalo Zine, who not only talked about their work but also shared some outtakes from the Spanish magazine’s latest issue, Issue #3, recently launched, and which can be purchased from the official website.

We have the MQ outtake of Dylan, along with a HQ preview of the respective editorial, made available through i-D Magazine. We are not in possession of this editorial yet but if you are and would like to donate scans, please Contact Us.

The following is an excerpt of the ADED interview, where Dylan is mentioned. The full article can be read Outtakes from Buffalo Zine’s Castle.


What are the inspirations in this photo series? Where was it shot?

A: It was magic. We spent a weekend in this sort of castle that we rented. It was like holidays, a treat to ourselves. It was the first thing we did for the issue, we wanted to get in the mood. So me and David, we went to the National Theatre Archive and selected all the pieces. It was a dream. We were trying period stuff, hats, corsets and just throwing it in racks! Then we put it in a car and we headed to Surrey, with a lot of hummus from Tesco and snacks. It was the first time I was driving on the left and it was crazy. We picked up the models in this little cute train station in the middle of nowhere. We brought them to our castle and they were flipping. We just spent the weekend chilling, doing props, eating, drinking and taking pics. I would love to live my life like that.

Any fun anecdotes from the shoot?

D: Dylan Fosket, one of the models, once stayed with us overnight in the house. We had a proper 18th century girls’ pyjama party, trying on outfits from the archive of the National Theatre, with the fire on in the chimney (in July!), drinking whiskey, reading poetry, getting possessed by characters in a book by Jane Austen.



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Along with some other additions, two early works have been added to the Gallery: White Story a fashion story photographed by Siouxzen Kang and published in 2013; and Outsiders a fashion story or editorial photographed by Jake Glorioso and published somewhere in late 2012 or early 2013. This second set of photos comes from MUAH artist Rachelle Games.


White Story

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Photographer Marcus Cooper has published a new photo from Amour Platonique, with styling by Lindsey Williams and featuring Au Courant clothes.

You can see this editorial from the first issue of Deux Hommes magazine, published earlier this year and more behind-the-scenes/outtake images.

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Upon the publishing of a behind-the-scenes photo of Here, the Tourne de Transmission S/S 2015 lookbook photographs have been added to our Gallery, as shot by Mattias Björklund. These consist of images at the highest resolution available.

Two other behind-the-scenes photographs have also been added.

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We have the HQ photos of haircare brand KMS California’s The Moment Before 2015 campaign, shot by Sven Jacobsen.

The campaign also counts with a trailer and a behind-the-scenes video, which have also been added to our Video Vault.

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I have added 50 high quality screencaptures to the album Ambiguity (2014).

Directed by Nat Prinzi and Alex Neumann, the feature plays with the looks of an androgynous cast and with movement, erasing the barriers of gender. You can watch the video by accessing our Video Vault.

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Dylan is rocking his androgynous looks in the most recent issue of Visual Tales Magazine, Galactic Stars Book 2, shot by Jennifer Livingston and styled by Haidee Findlay Levin. My utterly partial self wants to weep tears of pride!

HQ scans have been added to our Gallery. You can also check the issue’s cover photo here. Don’t forget to rate and share!

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Firs cover of the year! Dylan covers Visual Tales Magazine‘s Issue 14, Galactic Stars Book 2 and we have the HQ photograph, shot by Jennifer Livingston.

There is also a divine fashion story titled The Great Beauty, playing on his androgynous looks inside. HQ scans to follow!

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Two weeks ago, i-D revealed its Ones To Watch 2015 or the models, musicians, artists and activists turning our heads right now. Shot by Adrian Meško and styled by Natasha Devereux, the talents answer some get-to-know-me questions.

Although part of the list, it seems there is no interview with Dylan, which might hint at a second part to the already published article. I am awaiting an answer from i-D regarding this slip.

Meanwhile, you can meet the Ones To Watch here and see the HQ photograph of Dylan in Our Gallery.

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