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So what’s the story?

I kid you not when I say fansite-keeping has always been one of my favourite hobbies from the very moment I learnt the basic structure for a webpage. It was around 2005 that I started taking my work in the playground that is Photoshop more seriously and that I became interested in HTML and CSS. Moved by a wish of being able to create a fansite of my own and on my own without depending on any editors, I became my own teacher and looked up dozens of tutorials. For four years I’ve kept a fansite dedicated to a Portuguese artist and that fansite was the vehicle for learning more and more every day. Who says you can’t learn anything from child’s play?

Years after terminating my fansite, I was still missing it. Well, not the website itself but its maintenance. Keeping a website, no matter what about, is all about growth and improvement. You can achieve a nearly-perfect design but you can’t overlook content. You must review your website’s content every so often, keep entries and scripts up-to-date, fix errors and correct misspellings, take care of your visitors and by the time you think everything is done, it’s time to change your layout again! It is something very entertaining as a hobby and just as useful as learning a new language. It did not take much time to realise I needed something else. Something new.

It was shortly after becoming acquainted with Dylan’s work in December of 2013 that I decided to create a ‘portfolio blog’ for his career. Here was a girl in need of returning to her old hobby. There was a boy who had already started crawling and who was taking his baby-steps in the fashion industry. I was so passionate about fashion when I was a child! Where had that passion gone? I saw in this blog the opportunity not only to remember my HTML but also to help promoting Dylan’s career. To do my (small) share. I mean – why not?

But I am not your average Tumblr-blogger (not that there is anything wrong with that!). I wanted to turn my blog into a fuller website, into a more standard fansite and that is what I have been working on. I bought the domain dylanfosket.org in September 2014 and used it as a redirection to the blog until blog and website became separate entities in December of the same year.

Why the name?

Fansites have formulae when it comes to naming them, usually including words like ‘admiring’, ‘online’ or ‘network’ next to their celebrity’s first name. ‘Daily’ is also one of them and it just sounded fun when next to ‘Dylan’. The name also reflected the nature of the blog upon its establishment: I couldn’t be sure of how much ‘material’ I would have to work with nor of its availability, for which the decision of limiting new entries to one per day seemed logical.

The blog gave way to a more complex website, although it was kept as an extended network. In February 2015, I decided the website needed a new name. ‘Dylan Fosket Daily’ didn’t sound as appealing, although it was more explicit. The daily nature of the blog goes on but as the blog became secondary, it hardly seemed appropriate to use its name for the entire estate. ‘Dylan Fosket Source’ was the new choice, not the start of a new era or anything like it but another milestone in this domain’s history. As of now, this is the only website focused on Dylan’s career (oh, you never know!) so more than boastful, the new name is also spot-on.


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