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This page aims to give a complete overview of Dylan’s career, dividing his works in categories and organising them in reverse chronological order.

Whenever the right time of publication/release is unknown, an attempt has been made to situate it between the others, making this page subject to changes.

Want to rectify a mistake or help expand this page? Please get in touch.


Season Client Photographer Gallery
2015 Black Triangle Desin (2) Bungo Tsuchiya   View »
2015 KMS California Sven Jacobsen   View »
2015 Black Triangle Design Bungo Tsuchiya   View »
F/W 2014 Vivienne Westwood Charlie Engman   View »
F/W 2014 Wanda Nylon Zeb Daemen   View »
2014 Matsuda Eyewear     View »
F/W 2013 Able Jeans Ryan Michael Kelly   View »
F/W 2013 Diesel Inez and Vinoodh   View »


Year Client Photographer Gallery
2015 Visual Tales Mgazine #14 Galactic Stars Book 2 Jennifer Livingston   View »
2014 Seventh Man Magazine #7 Jon Gorrigan   View »
2013 10 Men Magazine #36 Magnus Unnar   View »



Month Title Client Photographer Gallery
July English Roses Buffalo Zine #3 Adrián González-Cohen   View »
May The Great Beauty Visual Tales Magazine #14 Galactic Stars Book 2 Jennifer Livingston   View »
Apr i-D’s Ones To Watch 2015 i-D Magazine Adrian Meško   View »
Jan Amour Platonique Deux Hommes Magazine #1 Marcus Cooper   View »


Month Title Client Photographer Gallery
  Sacrifice Hero Magazine #12 Darkness Falls Danielle Levitt   View »
Nov Diesel Rolling Stone Japan Maciej Kucia   View »
  Marc by Marc Jacobs The Last Magazine #13 Nick Dorey   View »
  From Dawn Til Dusk V Man Neil Gavin   View »
Sep Coat to Coat Vanity Fair Italia Kelly Klein   View »
Sep Knit Boys Essential Homme A. P. Kim   View »
  Isometric Optology Magazine #3 Daniel Benson   View »
  Jeane The Forumist #2 Leonn Ward   View »
  Tourne de Transmission Hypebeast Magazine #7 The Legacy Issue Han Lee de Boer   View »
Jun i-Diary June i-D Magazine Jerome Corpuz   View »
May Jocks and Nerds Notion Magazine #68 David Abrahams   View »
May Tropique du Cancer Numéro #153 Victor Demarchelier   View »
May Into The Void i-D Magazine Maurizio Bavutti   View »
  Dior Homme Hero Magazine #11 Tetsu Kubota   View »
  On The LA Make 2 Arena Homme + Alice Hawkins   View »
  125 Years of Lanvin Seventh Man Magazine #7 Jon Gorrigan   View »
    Hunter Magazine Italia #22 Joe Lai   View »
  If You Complain Once More… Bon Magazine Ward Ivan Rafik   View »
  Electric Youth 10 Men Magazine #37 Mark Pillai   View »
Jan La Ley de la Calle El País Semanal Alex Neumann   View »
Jan Blurred Lines Marie Claire USA Boe Marion   View »
Jan The Lost Generation Vogue Japan Luigi and Danielle + Iango   View »
Jan Nineties in Bloom Sportswear International #257 Ryan Michael Kelly   View »


Month Title Client Photographer Gallery
  A Chapter Collaboration Photogenics Mag Art Book Vol. 1 Issue #7 Conan Thai   View »
Dec Fur Jón Magazine #2 Sean P. Watters   View »
  Gummo UnTitled Project #6 Christophe Kutner   View »
Nov Sacrilegio Flair Magazine Daniel Sannwald   View »
  Gucci: Wild flower 10 Men Magazine #36 Magnus Unnar   View »
  Dark Nobles Visual Tales Magazine #10 Brilliance! Book 2 Ryan Michael Kelly   View »

V Man #30: 10th Anniversary Josh Olins   View »
  Wicked IT Post #14 Kwannam Chu   View »
  Kragenweite L’Officiel Hommes Germany #10 Josh Jordan   View »
Sep We’ve Come Too Far Commons & Sense Man #15 Tetsu Kubota   View »
Sep Hero Boys by Girls Shannon Sinclair   View »
  Boys Club Jón Magazine #1 B. Charles Johnson   View »
  Autumn Days Fashionisto #8 Jakob Axelman   View »
  Movement Disorder Intermission Magazine #8 Paul Wetherell   View »
Sep River’s Edge Out Magazine Danielle Levitt   View »
Sep Come As You Are W Magazine Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott   View »
Aug Legion Models.com’s The Ones to Watch #27 Alexandre Valerio   View »
  Pick of The Season Adon Magazine #5 Rick Day   View »
Jun Emerging Design: Thi Wan V Man Rowan Papier   View »
Jun Hypnosis Interview Russia Mark Segal   View »
Jun Poseidon Sessions Magazine #13 Evie McShane   View »
    Everything Mag Christelle de Castro   View »
Mar White Story   Siouxzen Kang   View »
  Wilshire Motel Prize Magazine #2 Marta Elena Vassilakis   View »
Feb Hero and Leander Tantalum Magazine #18 Caitlin Bellah   View »
Jan Maria and Dylan Sciences Occultes #2 Caitlin Bellah   View »
    Dark Beauty Magazine #16 Thomas Mangieri   View »
Jan Digitales Spindle Magazine Siouxzen Kang   View »
  The Hunt   Siouxzen Kang   View »


Month Title Client Photographer Gallery
Dec Facilitated Mess Zoo Magazine #37 Matthias Vriens-McGrath   View »
Nov Crucify   Steve Lucero   View »
  Twins Modo Magazine Aris Jerome   View »

Unknown Year

Month Title Client Photographer Gallery
  Outsiders   Jake Glorioso   View »
    Unleash’d Magazine Solmaz Saberi   View »

Lookbooks & Catalogues

Season Client Photographer Gallery
S/S 2015 MN Last     View »
S/S 2015 Phenomenon     View »
S/S 2015 Nakid / GVGV Tatsuya Shimada   View »
S/S 2015 99%Is (Black Hawaii)     View »
S/S 2015 Mr. Matthew Sophie Elgort   View »
S/S 2015 Tourne de Transmission (Here) Mattias Björklund   View »
F/W 2014 Études nº5 Nicolas Coulomb   View »
F/W 2014 Urban Outfitters Marek Chorzepa   View »
F/W 2014 Wanda Nylon Zeb Daemen   View »
P-F 2014 Marc by Marc Jacobs (Catalogue) James Giles   View »
P-F 2014 Marc by Marc Jacobs (Lookbook) James Giles   View »
S/S 2014 Barneys New York Juergen Teller   View »
S/S 2014 DKNY x Opening Ceremony Josh Olins   View »
S/S 2014 ACNE Kacper Kasprzyk   View »
F/W 2012 Skingraft Justin Sullivan   View »
S/S 2012 Nikki Lipstick     View »


Season Client Part of Gallery
S/S 2015 Lad Musician Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo   View »
S/S 2015 Factotum Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo   View »
S/S 2015 Black Hawaii by 99%Is Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo   View »
S/S 2015 Beentrill London Collections: Men   View »
S/S 2015 Sankuanz Presented by GQ China London Collections: Men   View »
S/S 2015 Whitewash by CMMN SWDN London Collections: Men   View »
F/W 2014 Comme des Garçons Shirt Paris Fashion Week   View »
S/S 2014 ACNE Paris Fashion Week   View »