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01/25/2016 Tatiana M. 0 Comment(s) Gallery

I have added +80 photos from 2012 and 2013 to the Gallery. Considering the material involved, this update deserves a particular disclaimer.

This update consists on the upload of images not published earlier for a couple of reasons: for some, the reason was as simple as the lack of contextual information; for others, a moment’s thought of whether their presence within DFS would be of relevance was in order.

The former refers to photographs whose author or release year is unknown. Ironically, these correspond to the most shared and uploaded images of Dylan. Since I didn’t want to upload images I couldn’t credit, I had put their upload on hold until I could gather such information. Unfortunately, as that hasn’t yet been possible, and as these images are part of works which are becoming older and thus less interesting for the photographers to keep in their portfolios, I have decided to upload them nevertheless.

The latter refers to images of which the author or date were known but where overall context might be lacking. Because their time span (year of 2012 and early 2013) makes it hard to get the whole picture of their intent, I had to question what relevance they would have for DFS. After some reflection, I have decided to share them also. All of these images (as do all), come from public accounts of industry freelancers and professionals, and they absolutely do not mean any breaches of privacy or trust. Similarly, all of these come from a “work” context, even if the work at stake is enhancing a portfolio (a photographer’s or Dylan’s) alone. Including them in DFS as part of Dylan’s “baby-steps” in his career did make sense.

Of course, finding such images has also lead me to find others which I have considered as of no relevance for the Gallery; as they are not immediately work-related but a bit more personal, and their public status alone is not a justification to sharing what does not need to be shared. I did my best to “comb” through these images in a way that privacy, either Dylan’s or of people close to him, is respected as it should be. This will always be of maximum importance to me.

All pictures that compose this batch of uploads have been credited as well as possible. Any form of help considering information that is absent is very much welcome.

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