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12/15/2014 Tatiana M. 0 Comment(s) Domain

… or should I say re-opening? Pretty much a year after opening a small blog on Tumblr, and after securing the domain last September, that I am opening dylanfosket.org as a full website.

This move only seemed logical after purchasing the domain and upon the recent controversies around Tumblr/Yahoo. Now, I admit I was somewhat reluctant to go from small Tumblr-powered blog to gigantic WordPress and Coppermine website, especially concerning the heavily visual thing that is a model’s portfolio – we could agree WordPress has a more textual purpose.

What you see is partly the continuation of the blog, but an extension of it as well. Two parts of the same website, each with its own way of working: here you will find more text, as well as a gallery and updates released as often as possible; but here you can access a more interactive portfolio, with fun edits posted on a daily basis.

I will do my best to update the gallery during this week as well as in the next couple ones. All updates will be made known through posts.

Do bookmark the main website, follow our blog, request affiliation and get in touch.

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